Take a 2-minute tour of SafeReferral

SafeReferral saves valuable time when sending referrals & files to other offices.

Three easy ways to send files. To start a transfer just drag-n-drop a file on the specialist of your choice, click the new message tool or double click the specialists icon. All your specialist offices can be on your desktop and at your fingertips.  No more waiting on hold or faxing pages of information.

A simple dashboard tracks transfers. Keep track of which files you sent to which office with an email-like dashboard. Sort conversations, search for specific files or filter by office with a click.  For greater compliance, click and save transfer logs to save to your electronic patient records.

Quickly preview incoming attachments. Quickly decide which files you need to download and where to store them with an attachment preview window. Rather than slowly downloading massive attachments SafeReferral lets you preview the attachments before you save.

SafeReferral for the secure communication and transfer of sensitive information. With highly encrypted transfers, SafeReferral saves you time and money with drag-n-drop file transfers and easy to use wizards.


Detailed video tour of the dashboard (3min)


Detailed video tour on sending files (2min)


Custom forms to stay compliant.


Quick notifications for new messages.