My Details

Enter your practice details and information about the person in your practice who will administrate SafeReferral. The email provided here will receive all system messages such as new partner and workstation requests

My Locations

Enter office locations here if you have more than one. Partners will be prompted on the new message wizard to choose a receiving office to help you better organize your file transfers.

My Specialties

Enter any specialties or other practice sub-categories here. Partners will be prompted to choose a specialty (as well as provider and office) during the new message wizard

My Providers

Enter the name of any providers. Partners will be prompted to choose location, specialty and provider in the new message wizard.

My Users

Enter user login information for users in your office including a username and password. You can also delete, deactivate and reset the passwords of users in this window.

My Logo

Enter two versions of your logo. The smaller version will appear on the desktop of any partners along with your practice name. The larger version will appear on the SafeReferral link for “offices who subscribe to SafeReferral”. This allows offices in your area to connect with you.

My Workstations

Use this tab to authorize additional workstations in your practice to use SafeReferral. For more detail on adding workstations click here.

My Forms

Choose which forms you would like your partners to see. Drag-n-drop any forms you want to use from “available forms” to “my forms”. Custom forms can be ordered through your subscription vendor.

My Partners

See which partners you’ve approved, remove connections, view their approved workstations and users. Subscriber privacy does not allow you to see any other subscribers partners and no other subscribers can see yours partners.

Frequently Used Messages

If your users a typing the same text repeatedly, enter it here. For instance, “Thank you for your referral, your patient will be contacted within 1 business day.”. The messages will appear in the new message wizard, as a drop down list, to your users.