Ransomware and data security

Use SafeReferral to help protect your office and those who support you from ransomware and other malicious code.

Ransomware is a malicious program, designed by hackers, that locks up your computer network and won’t release your information unless you pay a “ransom” to them. Of course, the ransom is either outrageously high, or simply doesn’t work.

Ransomware can come in the form of an email attachment (a document or image). While the email message may appear to be from a trusted sender, in reality the email address is fake and carries the ransomware program. Once installed, the program creeps along your network encrypting all of your files. Even the most secure networks are at risk from these types of programs.

SafeReferral helps protect you against ransomware attacks because it is a closed system. Only users that you have authorized, in practices you’ve registered, and on workstations you allow, can send files. There is no way to fake a SafeReferral connection. If a sending office is compromised, you can shut down their connection with you with the simple click of a button.