Stay Secure

SafeReferral goes beyond email and file upload sites.

If your office currently uses email or an upload site for digital referrals, the information can sit for months unencrypted on a third-party server.   SafeReferral creates a cutomized link between you and each of your referring practices using customized digital certificate pairs.  This means that only the sending and receiving offices have the digital keys to open files.   Not even SafeReferral can decrypt your files.  We also use https tunnels, user level passwords and customizable forms to help you stay in compliance with privacy regulations*.

Security and Privacy are the main concerns for the referral process, patient confidence, and regulatory compliance.  SafeReferral uses a 3-tier system to ensure that your patients’ information stays safe.

256-AES encryption: communication is encrypted with a unique key that only the two communicating offices can use
Secure Link:  the encrypted communication is sent via an encrypted link between the offices
User Passwords: ensuring that only authorized people have access to your system

Having all three of these security features will provide the best security and privacy for your patients and their information.

*Privacy regulations vary by jurisdiction.  Consult your local regulations.