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SafeReferral is a breakthrough referral management program that gives you the tools to track, send, and receive patient referrals. It is an easy and secure method for communication and transfer of sensitive patient information.

In today’s digital world, an increasing number of referrals are being sent between the health care team with conventional email. At best, email referrals are difficult for offices to maintain and track; at worst, they are notoriously susceptible to hacking, and may leave dentists, physicians and other health professionals afoul of electronic privacy recommendations or open to lawsuits if information is compromised.

SafeReferral is designed to avoid the pitfalls of email while providing useful added features to make sharing information less costly and more efficient. Designed from the ground up with the health care team in mind. SafeReferral provides an easy way to view, manage, and sort referrals while maintaining a high level of data encryption and is easily adapted to any health care referral based practice such as in medicine, physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

SafeReferral is the next-generation referral management software that will help you grow your practice and provide better patient care.