Do you send referrals?

Send files & make referrals with less effort and more security.

Less time on hold. Spend less time on hold and more time with your patients. SafeReferral lets you quickly send large amounts of data quickly and securely with easy to use wizards.

See when your messages have been read and files downloaded. SafeReferral notifies you (with small symbols) when your messages have been read and your files downloaded. You can then record the transfer by copying the transfer log.

Cost to connecting offices. SafeReferral licences are bought by the office who receives referrals (the specialist). There is no cost to the office who is sending and the download is free. Are you a specialist who is considering SafeReferral?  Read about SafeReferral costs, savings and pricing here.

SafeReferral is quicker and easier to use than upload sites, more secure than public email and faster than email. Compare SafeReferral to your other options.


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Stay on-side of privacy laws.


Custom forms to stay compliant.