How SafeReferral pays for itself

For most offices the program is easily paid for because of the savings realized from not having to process and post letters.

SafeReferral is a great marketing tool.   Just like referral pads were always on your referring offices’ desks, so is SafeReferral. The offices you connect with will have your logo on their computer desktop. When a referral needs to be made or a file sent, they simply drag-n-drop the information onto your icon and the secure process is started keeping your practice front-of-mind.

SafeReferral saves time.  No administrator wants to spend time waiting on the phone or typing and faxing letters.  With SafeReferral, they drag-n-drop the information to your office giving them a quick and simple way to connect with your practice.

SafeReferral can save you money. By using SafeReferral to transfer files, receive referrals and send letters you can decrease costs. For as little as $2.391 per month you can connect to any office with SafeReferral and save hundreds of dollars in postage, processing and administrative time 2. For most offices the savings realized because you don’t have to process and post letters pays for the program.

1 based on package of 75 connections 2based on average fees in North America for 6 referrals per month

In this example SafeReferral costs less than snailmail and helps generate revenue.  (Example: Yearly cost $28.68 with potential savings of $40.80 on postage, $146.48 on employee time and potential revenue of $360.24.  The example assumes a single referring practice sends 4 referrals per month, each generating $375 in revenue.  Postage $0.85 per referral.  Employee pay $18.31/hr.  Using 75-pack licence from SafeReferral).