“I forgot the answers to my security questions”

To add SafeReferral to new workstation in your practice you’ll need to enter the answers to the 2 security question created with the first installation (“What was the name of your first pet?” or an equivalent question). These questions and answers cannot be recovered by SafeReferral. If you’ve forgotten the answers:
1. Download any documents you need from SafeReferral. Any data on our servers will be lost with this reset.
2. Use the email that is registered with SafeReferral and email support@optimicro.com to request a reset of your security questions and answers (Optimicro will call your office to confirm the request).
3. After the reset, when SafeReferral is run for the first time the main uswer will be asked to select a new set of questions and answers.
4. On each computer when SafeReferral is run for the first time each user will be asked to answer the questions.