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Getting Started: Adding more workstations

SafeReferral lets you control which workstations can run the program. This way, no one can access your patients private information from outside the office without your permission.

Step 1: Send request

  • Click the setting icon (gear icon, top right)
  • Click “My Workstation”
  • Click “Add a workstation”
  • Confirm request
  • This will send a request to the SafeReferral services then a new activation code to the master user’s email account.

    Step 2: Download and Install

    • Find the email sent to you from SafeReferral
    • Use the link to download “PartnerSetup.exe” to your computer
    • Note: Internet browsers block “.exe” files by default.  Select “Keep” in Chrome or “Allow” in Internet Explorer
    • Find “PartnerSetup.exe” in your downloads folder (if you’ve saved it there) and double click to run
    • Note: Windows and antivirus software block “.exe” files by default, select “Allow” or “Run anyway”
    • Follow the installation wizard, read and accept the End User License Agreement to install
    • If SafeReferral doesn’t automatically start after installation, launch it from it’s desktop icon or the start menu

    Step 3: Activate

  • Launch the program and enter your user name and password
  • Enter the activation code from the email sent to the master user